October After School Schedule

REACH Program Contact/ Text/ Call to RSVP for After-School Activities: Dakota Koski Executive Director (218) 499-4293; Anne Parish Program Coordinator (218) 451-0970 Emma Pastika Promise Fellow (218) 451-0183; Alina Lekander Promise Fellow (218) 380-9609 Nick “Smo” Smoczynski Promise Fellow (218) 216-7063; Chad Fisher Promise Fellow (218) 460-0360 Adam Blesener Promise…

Our Mission

To provide supportive and meaningful mentoring relationships to the youth of Carlton County.

Our Vision

We envision a community where every youth experiences a variety of positive and encouraging relationships that provide a sense of belonging and allows each youth the ability to achieve their full potential both individually and as members of the community.

Our Objective

To use our Four Cornerstones of Mentoring to foster relationships between peers, adults, groups, and help our community facilitators, social workers, and youth support service professionals within our community make a difference for the kids who need it most.


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