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mentor-bowling-activitiesOur History

REACH Program (Recreational Experiences Achieving Community Harmony) was established in 2000 by Carlton County agency professionals. Realizing the growing number of youth who had limited exposure to role models in their lives, they saw a need
for a youth program. The organization received its 501 (c) 3status in 2003. Today, over 250 participates are involved in REACH and are recruited/referred through parents/caregivers, schools, faith communities, and service organizations across Carlton County.

Mission & Vision

Our mission at REACH is to provide learning and leadership through youth-adult partnership in Carlton County. REACH provides opportunities with youth who are looking for positive role models in their life, to foster self-esteem, build developmental relationships, and a sense of belonging within themselves, their families, their school, and our community.


The goal of our organization is to build protective factors in youth that will lead them to thrive in our community. Positive indicators include: increase attendance and participation in school, prosocial behavior and activities, or engaging in the community with peers and supportive adults. REACH personalizes each goal with each individual youth.


REACH Program challenges youth to step outside their comfort zone, to build trust, and to share fears and successes with their peers and adult supporters. One of our goals for the upcoming year, is to create stronger developmental relationships and youth-adult partnerships in a mutually respectful and safe community. We will do this together through group programming, Students Offering Support (SOS) Program, Youth Advisory Board, and service-learning community projects. We are increasing group activities created and developed by REACH participants, which helps REACH to develop innovative programming that positively address youths’ challenges. REACH engages and motivates youth, encouraging them to discover their strengths within our community. REACH’s safe, respectful, and caring environment helps young people to discover they are resilient and that their future is hopeful.


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