REACH Mentee Parent Handbook

Thank you/Welcome Letter from Executive Director
Make a difference in the life of a child — and have fun, too!
I’m pleased to have the opportunity to inform you about the REACH Mentoring Program. We have experienced first-hand the impact that encouraging, listening and role modeling can have on a child’s life. Mentoring programs give us each a chance to contribute to the youth in our communities. Many of you may already participate in informal mentoring activities, whereas others (like me) have taken this next step into a formal mentorship through the REACH Mentoring Program. I’m are grateful you’re interested in joining our program.
What does a mentor do?
A mentor provides support to a young person who can benefit from the guidance, friendship and life experience of the mentor. Mentoring allows the individuals involved to share experiences and learn from them while building a supportive relationship over time. In the REACH Mentoring Program, our focus will be on youth in our community whose lives can be enriched through the guidance of an older, more experienced person through recreational activities.
How does mentoring help?
In addition to making children more confident in their schoolwork and more trusting of their parents or guardians, mentoring makes students
• 52% less likely to skip school;
• 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs;
• 37% less likely to skip a class;
• 27% less likely to begin using alcohol; and
• 33% less likely to hit someone.
Who can participate?
This opportunity is available to anyone 16 years of age and older. A drivers license is preferred but not required.
How do I participate?
The first step is to fill out a brief mentor application. Applications are available online at The application process includes an interview, background check, followed by a training session. Following training, each participant is matched with a mentee. REACH will provide ongoing programs to support you in this important role and — most important — the per week activity to participate.
I’m looking forward to see you begin a role as a REACH mentor. This can be a very rewarding relationship for both the mentor and mentee, but it requires commitment and consistency to be successful. I hope you will take the next step and join me in accepting the challenge to make a difference. – Dakota Koski – Executive Director


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