Our 3 Areas of Programming 

This year, our program initiative will strengthen and expand youth leadership and service-learning opportunities with participants living in under-resourced, rural communities. REACH participants are provided with three critical program components.

#1 Students Offering Support (SOS)
Students Offering Support (SOS), interactive informal/non-formal learning, resources, and training with local community leaders and experts; i.e. QPR suicide prevention, building stronger mental health. 

#2 Trainings and Support from Staff
Youth-focused trainings & technical support from REACH staff to build protective factors in youth and create group cohesion between REACH participants.

#3 Out of School Programming
Regular, organized out-of-school time learning opportunities (group mentoring) for all participants engaging in small and large group activities; plus, annual fundraising/community events supporting REACH Program.

This year, REACH launched its Youth Advisory Board (YAB). REACH’s YAB consists of middle and high school youth from most Carlton County school districts. REACH’s Youth Advisory Board advocates the holistic support of young people, focusing on mental health, and seeks to create stronger youth-adult partnerships to improve experiences of young people in Carlton County. REACH’s YAB does this work by advocating for restorative practices and strengthen youth voices and actions to create systemic changes that promote equality and equity to positively affect all youth in Carlton County.

Youth Participants

There are a couple different ways someone can become a participant in REACH. Parents or guardians are able to sign their children up. Another way we get young people is through referrals from working professionals, such as probation officers, social workers, in-school support workers, school councilors, etc.

Adult Volunteers 

We always are looking for volunteers to support our programming. Whether it be with youth in large group or small group activities, administratively, internships or other capacities, please reach out for more info.  

January 2023
Programming Schedule 

Here is our calendar of upcoming events and programming. Click the link below to print off our PDF Schedule.

RSPV to Attend 

In order for us to plan accordingly for food, supplies, staff and volunteers, it is highly encouraged to RSVP if you're coming to an event. If you have any questions, please call (218) 499-4293