SOS Scholarship

The SOS Scholarship in collaboration with the REACH Mentoring Program, is pleased to announce an area scholarship provided to area youth who have been involved in the REACH mentoring program.

This scholarship is available to all area high school seniors. One area student will be chosen each year to receive this scholarship.

As a result of grant funding by the United Way of Carlton County, four students will receive a $500 scholarship award to be used for studies at an accredited college or university during the upcoming academic year.

We have the honor of presenting the SOS Scholarships to four seniors at Cloquet High School. The SOS Scholarship recipients for the year 2018 – 2019 is Raven Sevilleja, Nicolas Smoczynski, Mackenzie Bassett, and Kaylee Anderson. The REACH Program wish these SOSers the best with their future endeavors.

Past Recipients

From Left to Right: Dakota Koski, Kaylee Anderson, Mackenzie Bassett, Nicolas Smoczynski, Raven Sevilleja, Josie Steen and Anne Parish.

From Left to Right: Anne Parish, Raven Sevilleja, Mackenzie Bassett, Kaylee Anderson, Dakota Koski, Nicolas Smoczynski and Josie Steen.

Anne Parish, Raven Sevilleja and Dakota Koski

Anne Parish, Makenzie Bassett and Dakota Koski

Anne Parish, Kaylee Anderson and Dakota Koski



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