Please see attachment for the REACH programming schedule

Always feel free to call or email with questions, suggestions, etc, and also to pass on this information to anyone you think would be interested! Please let us know ASAP if you’re attending.

Are you new or want to bring a friend with? You must fill out an application before they attend.

Dakota Koski – 218-499-4293
Executive Director

Anne Parish – 218-451-0970
Program Coordinator

Maggie 218-451-0183
AmeriCorps Promise Fellow

ERI (Emergency Response Initiative) AmeriCorps Members
Adam Blesener 218-216-9158
Alina Lekander 218-380-9609
Annabeth Johnson 218-384-1845
Chad Fisher 218-460-0360
Johnette Ostlund 218-451-3471
Meadow Pruette 218-565-3176
Mia Westerberg 218-380-9485
Michael Garvey 218-460-0260
Nicolas Smoczynski 218-216-7063